PrefOrganizer | The Planer And Coordinator

The PrefOrganizer provides your planners and decision makers with all planned and actual data for production, delivery, shipping, assembly and measurement planning. The PrefOrganizer enables your employees to manually plan and manipulate all mentioned areas according to your special needs. The planning tool PrefOrganizer is always linked to your master database and immediately transfers all planning activities to all other modules of the PrefSuite.

PrefOrganizer is your solution

The PrefOrganizer provides detailed comparisons of target and actual data for your decision makers – for all processes in your business. As a special add-on for PrefGest, PrefOrganizer collects relevant data regarding fitting, production, shipping and assembling with a wide range of functionality.

Planning place

Planners get information on orders in the areas of assembly, shipping, delivery, production and installation. Analysis of the data is performed via a user-friendly drag and drop function and is able to delay or apply multi-appointments.

Status updates about order displayed via Phone App

By selecting a week, a day or a special order, PrefOrganizer provides the user with information on capacities already planned, production lines, fabrication types, dimensions, weights and much more. Every change is shown in real-time.

Capacity evaluation

By simple shifting order dates and therefore the whole appointment chain, enables users to burnish capacity peaks and execute the planning for the week within a short time-scale.

Create Production Lots, plan Measurement, Shipping and Installation

Users are able to set production lots right out of PrefOrganizer. It is also possible to create machine data or even shipping or assembly.

Easy Evaluation and Analysis of data using Drag and Drop

Colored order marks give information about the production status, display shipping areas and assembling teams which belong to the respective order.

Shipping Planning

PrefOrganizer assimilates order data calculated by PrefGest and provides it in real-time a plan from shipping to delivery

PrefOrganizer | the software that plans your production, delivery and shipping.

Test our demo account to get familiar with PrefOrganizer! It is request to have internet connection and a PrefSuite module to access to all functions. For further information please contact us.