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Digital potentials in the construction industry with PrefSuite

Impressive Software Solutions for the window, door and facade industry

PrefSuite is a flexible and modular business software specifically designed for the needs of the window - door - and facade industry. As an integrated enterprise solution, PrefSuite supports your business in all areas of value creation. No matter if you use PVC, Wood, Aluminium, Steel or any combination of these. PrefSuite offers solutions to suit all your business processes and any product range.

Modular Software Solutions

A major benefit to using PrefSuite is its diversity of modules and the way they integrate when implemented. PrefSuite has a solution for every business process within your company and even offers the facility to tailor solutions if required.

Progressive Technology and Products

PrefSuite is built on the latest open SQL database technology. Our research and development teams strive to deliver the latest advanced and up to date solutions for our industry.

Cloud-based Tools

PrefWeb by PrefSuite is the first and only tool that has been developed with the specific needs of dealers in mind. The solution is designed to help sell and install Fenestration products using the HTML5 Configurator. The display uses live rendered 3D graphics (as you can see to the left) and will even transmit orders electronically to the manufacturer.


Web solutions that you can use in any browser on any PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone


Web solutions that adapt to any size and are usable in any opportunity on any devise

PrefSuite understands your business

PrefSuite has been developed using the years of knowledge and experience provided by our worldwide customers.

Planning and Production

Automation, planning steps with live feedback and paperless production are the guiding principles of PrefSuite.

Sales and Purchasing

PrefSuite is your digital business assistant, planner, sales coordinator and administrator.

Materials Management

Material requirements, optimization and static or chaotic (dynamic) inventory control are among the core abilities of PrefSuite.

Online Dealer System

The HTML5 configurator with realistic 3D graphics is unique in the fenestration industry.

Shipping and Installation

Delivery and rack locations, assembly planning and continuous status updates.

Master data and CAD

User friendly and intuitive screens walk you through the setup process.

Dynamic high-bay warehouse management with PrefInventory

“We use the PrefSuite to produce our wood- and PVC windows and doors. Since converting to PrefSuite, we also use the PrefOrganizer for our capacity and shipping planning. Thanks to the organizer, we have not only achieved an ecological improvement - because we now produce paperless - but also our production processes were optimized. Today, our customers are increasingly praising our delivery reliability and, thanks to efficient planning, we can guarantee that the ordered goods will be delivered on time. Of course, this also leads to increased efficiency in our logistics, since a multiple approach to the dealer can be avoided 100%. We also appreciate the co-operation with PrefCo and is characterized by a partnership understanding"
Stefan Weinstock
Managing Director Ideal-Weinstock


All your products are displayed graphically from the first point of contact with your customer. You will be a pioneer in using BIM-Applications (Building Information Modelling) for the design and manufacture of windows and doors. Just take a look at our list of satisfied customers.

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