PrefWeb | Online dealer as it should be

The first and only online dealer system that will bring your catalogue to virtual life while your dealers configure products in a truly dynamic and realistic 3D environment. These 3D views fully display your finished products to the end customer resulting in an increase in sales at the first appointment. Quotes and orders are accepted into the PrefSuite manufacturing system ready to go without any additional editing or duplication saving everyone time and money.

PrefWeb is your solution

PrefWeb has a highly intuitive and graphical interface, it makes it easy since the first log in, for users of any skill level to create accurate and impressive quotations within minutes. It allows you to create technically and commercially flawless offers within minutes. Thanks to a graphically supported entry, you will become an offer professional within a very short time.

HTML5 Configurator

Web based technology that you can use in any browser on any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Cloud-based Commerce

The real-time rendered 3D graphics are unique in the fenestration industry.

3D Graphics

All information entered into PrefWeb is available for analysis in a Power BI dashboard for sales statistics, dealer performance and user trends: month-to-month, year-to-date, conversion rates.

Business Optimization

Business Optimization Centralized and integrated into PrefSuite, no double data entry.

Sales Optimization

Pricing, certifications, u-values and product information is dynamically updated by the user configuring the product right before the customers eyes.

Industry 4.0

Capture 4.0. Complete digital description of all follow-up processes. Your dealer becomes your sales-person. The product controls itself through the value chain and business processes.


Modifications on your pricing or products are deployed to your PrefWeb dealer community within minutes. No more need for technicians on the road, site visits, or credit notes for pricing errors. PrefWeb helps to build confidence and loyalty throughout your dealer network.

Dealer Data

Your dealers are capable to select your products, to accurately price and to calculate U-values on-site. The time-consuming preparation of quotations is a thing of the past: improving their "time to market" and giving them a competitive advantage.

Manufacturers Data

As a manufacturer you are able to display your products in unprecedented quality. Your dealers become your order entry department as there is no need for any further amendment or duplication. Any changes to products or prices are quickly deployed to your PrefWeb dealer community.


All your products are displayed in high-quality, rendered 3D from the first moment your products are configured. Customers can also be shown corner samples, exploded views and cross-sections without the delay of returning to the office. All your customer questions can be answered which increases the likelihood of closing more sales at the first appointment.