PrefSuite | Complete Fenestration Business Software

PrefSuite is a flexible and modular Business software that has been developed specifically for the needs of the window, door and facade industry.

PrefSuite understands your business

PrefSuite is built on the know-how of our worldwide customers and the industry we are part of.

Planning and Production

Automation, planning steps (feedback in real-time) and paperless production are the guiding principles of PrefSuite.

Sales and Purchasing

PrefSuite is your digital business assistant, planner, sales coordinator and administrator.

Materials Management

optimization and static or chaotic (dynamic) inventory control are among the core abilities of PrefSuite.

Online Dealer System

Configurator with realistic 3D graphics is unique in the fenestration industry.

Shipping and Installation

Delivery and rack locations, assembly planning and continuous status updates.

Master data and CAD

User friendly and intuitive screens walk you through the setup process.

PrefSuite | Complete Fenestration Software

As integrated enterprise software, PrefSuite supports you in all value creation areas. No matter if you use PVC, Wood, Aluminium, Steel or any combination of these. PrefSuite offers solutions to suit all your business processes and any product range. Credo: No data breaks along the value chain

Customized for your company

The broad range of modules and the versatility make up the core strength of PrefSuite. PrefSuite offers specially tailored solutions for every area and every process of the company, as your business needs them.

Database modelling for every context

The ultra-modern software architecture offers you a wide range of scope to adapt the software to you and your company. Each software project is individually planned and implemented.

Save time and money

PrefSuite digitally links all processes in your company, reducing time and eliminating waste.

Easy to use

PrefSuite was designed with the user in mind. Simple graphical interfaces guide the user through every step and minimise the risk of user error.

Web Commerce

HTML5 E-COMMMERCE redefining our industry

CAD | 3D

Live rendered 3D CAD representations that are unique in online trading

Commercial processes in PrefSuite

PrefGest, PrefOrganizer and PrefProject are the primary applications to plan the workflow of your business

Technical processes in PrefSuite

PrefWise and PrefCAD are product design tools. PrefCIM and PrefCAM are for shop floor operations.

Sales processes in PrefSuite

PrefSuite manages your sales channels with a tailor-made solution to your individual sales model, focusing in a B2B relationship or to the end consumer.


Web solutions that you can use in any browser on any PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone


Web solutions that adapt to any size and are usable in any opportunity on any devise