PrefInventory | The Mobile Warehouseman

PrefInventory is an extension for PrefGest which enables the warehousemen to post any bookings right away on site. These postings will be saved into your database immediately reducing errors and saving time.

PrefInventory is your solution

With PrefInventory Dynamic Warehousing you can now implement one of the most efficient warehousing methods. Storage yards and their capacities are optimized along with distances and routes within a warehouse. Warehouse operatives are given detailed instructions on inventory and where to find them.

Mobile Posting

All work steps can be done on site with the help of a smartphone or tablet and a scanner. Scanners are directly connected to PrefInventory so you can read QR- or bar codes from pallets or storage yards. This results in reduced process costs and minimized communication errors.

Always current and real time inventory levels

PrefInventory allow you to adjust the virtual warehouse to the actual quantity, adding or removing items from this storage yards and enter their respective quantities and the inventory documents will be sent to PrefGest and quantities will be corrected. All posting will be recorded into a stock history.

Optimal usage of storage yards

You can create inventory documents in very few and easy steps. PrefInventory summarizes all items that are posted in this place. You can adjust possibilities quantities and location.

No double entry of data

Once a delivery or a partial delivery has been recorded, PrefInventory creates respective delivery notes automatically.

Error reduction

To issue items from your static or dynamic warehouse, PrefInventory will ask whether you want to post a whole production lot or single items. Inventory levels will be adjusted so purchases can be derived from these new information.

Immediate applicability

PrefInventory has already been implemented in various window and door manufacturing companies.

Dynamic high-bay warehouse management with PrefInventory

PrefInventory |The Extended Classic Warehousing

Test our demo account to get familiar with PrefInventory! It is request to have internet connection and a PrefSuite module to access to all functions. For further information please contact us.