PrefWise | The Master Data Engineer

PrefWise is used to input master data. This core data provides our knowledge-based system with the information required to accurately depict products allowing; order entry, production, inventory, purchasing and other business applications to work in a completely integrated way. The integration reduces overall costs and increases your value chain. PrefWise allows you to edit all necessary product parameters in such a way that your employees do not have to be IT specialists to be able to define new rules or systems.

PrefWise is your solution

PrefWise enables employees to define all technical master data, processing guidelines (from the profile suppliers), construction rules, machining rules (routing) which are calculated by parameters. Users have the ability to maintain their technical master data at any time. PrefWise combines fenestration know-how with an easy and fast application.

Quality of master data

PrefWise provides a simple way to create the master data and includes the ability to import DXF files from suppliers.


Users have the ability to use integrated tools, like the PrefModel/Viewer, which allows product testing even in 3D.

DXF Data

The DXF data stored in the PrefWise database are the mathematical basis of each technical and commercial calculation in PrefSuite. Each profile is linked to an image including all profile sections (DXF, DWG or BMP). All measurements and sizes can be determined automatically.

Distances between profiles

Distances of profiles to each other, glass and fittings are all maintained in PrefWise resulting in the calculation of the DXF cross-sections and a real-time calculation of all technical dimensions (from frame to glass).

Glazing rules

Glazing configurations are specified easily by glass thickness in PrefWise. As a result of this spacer bars are selected or allocated automatically.

Construction rules

The contruction rules managed in PrefWise guarantee the completeness of the material list during the design calculation. PrefWise automatically calculates the required materials depending on the geometry and construction of the model.

PrefWise | the software that create, manage and modify all technical enginerring data

Test our demo account to get familiar with PrefWise! It is request to have internet connection and a PrefSuite module to access to all functions. For further information please contact us.