PrefCAD | The Construction Engineer

PrefCAD is a CAD solution developed to meet the unique requirements of the window, door and facade industry. Its biggest benefit is the ability to reduce complexity within a construction. The easy use of PrefCAD supersedes other complex and cost-intensive CAD software.

PrefCAD is your solution

You only need one mouse click to convert PVC elements into wood, wood-aluminium or aluminium. All parts of the product are changed: text, price calculation and graphics along with all the technical and commercial rules. For fenestration companies who work with more than one material, PrefCAD can be a powerful tool in your arsenal of integrated software solutions.

Material-Neutral View

On PrefCAD, the you are able to configurate every elements of your product into wood, wood-aluminium, PVC or aluminium. But also, you can configurate glass, Facades, sun protection and colours.

Windows and Door Editor

PrefCAD can create many windows and doors of different kinds with only a few mouse clicks. The CAD interface adequately enables easy construction – no matter if arches, dividers or anything else are required.


Any delimiter, open or closed, can be introduced in any product model generated by the software. Surprise your customers with new ideas and shapes! Each element designed in PrefCAD provides the exactly information for production and calculation.

Technical Restrictions

PrefCAD offers an extra function called feasibilities which continuously checks technical and economic restrictions of the designed door and window products at the creation from the quotation. Along with technical testing, feasibilities allow the user to define their own tests so the decision to overrule mistakes or to block an offer, or an order, or to generate a warning.

3D View

Displaying and animating three dimensional views of each PrefCAD construction enables you to show your customers photo realistic views of any given window to help with the sales process.

Real-Time Calculation

PrefCAD automatically calculates the time for labor operations, the production cost and the selling price based on cost mark-up or variety of table/cost variations. With each change of the design the data updates automatically.

PrefCAD |the software that reduces complexity within a construction

Test our demo account to get familiar with PrefCAD! It is request to have internet connection and a PrefSuite module to access to all functions. For further information please contact us.